How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from the newsletter?

On the bottom of each page there is a newsletter sign up box. Insert your e-mail address and you will be directed accordingly. Download a Free World of Perfume e-Booklet

When you receive a newsletter from Perfume Power you will be given an opportunity to unsubscribe. The ‘unsubscribe’ icon is at the bottom of the newsletter.


Where can I find the terms and conditions?

There’s a link to our Terms & Conditions at the bottom of every page.

Does Perfume Power accept International orders?

Perfume Power does accept and welcomes international orders through our Shopping Cart.  Please see our Shipping Policy. Our payment options are Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard), PayPal and MasterPass. For specific enquiries you may have please direct them to info@perfumepower.co.za.

What is Perfume Power Online Shopping?

Perfume Power Online Shopping allows you to shop safely and securely on our Website and your Smartphone. Your order will be delivered to your home or business at your convenience. It’s a simple and quick process to get going – register on our website, tell us where to deliver your order, fill your online shopping cart with a range of products, and check out with your credit card or via Electronic Transfer.


How do I Create an Account?

You are free to browse and shop at your leisure. There is no forced process to Create an Account in order to proceed on the site. Only on reaching Checkout will you be asked if you would like to Create an Account. If not the Guest Shopper option is available. If an Account is Created your personal and delivery address details can be updated at any time in future – just click on ‘My Account’. From ‘My Account’ you can also view recent orders and change your password.


Who do I contact for help with registering, placing an order or checking out?

If you need further assistance, you may reach us on Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 via email on info@perfumepower.co.za.


How do I login?

You can browse first, shop and then at checkout you will be asked if you are a returning customer. Here you will be asked to login with your user name and previously selected password.


How do I find products?

There are three ways to find what you are looking for. Firstly, type the name of your product in the search bar at the top right of the screen. You will be directed to the best possible match. Secondly, use the category menu on the left hand side of your web pages. Thirdly click on the  ‘shop by’ icon on the menu bar. Click on the categories that are appropriate to you. You will then be shown further sub-categories. You are also able to use your previous purchase history to find your most regular items – this is located under ‘My Account’ and then ‘Recent Orders’.


How do I add products to my shopping cart?

When you’ve found the product you’re looking for, select the quantity you desire by clicking on the + and – buttons next to it. Click on the maroon ‘Add to Cart‘ button and it will be placed in your ‘Shopping Cart’ on the top right hand side of your screen. To see all the items in your shopping cart, click on the maroon ‘Shopping Cart’ and view cart. When an item is added to the shopping cart a green box will pop up and confirm that a product has been added to cart. A view cart icon is also on this green box.


How do I amend products in my shopping cart?

To amend items in your shopping cart, click on the maroon shopping cart.  Change quantities by clicking on the + or – icons. To remove an item click on the cross sign next to the product (remove item). Click on Update Cart to activate the changes.


How will my order be picked, packed and delivered?

Your order is carefully packed prior to being dispatched for delivery to you. Please ensure that you check the delivery contents against the invoice. For further information please consult our Shipping Outline and Terms and Conditions.

Can I shop by phone or email?

Perfume Power operates mainly as an e-commerce website, where most purchases are made through the website. We do however accept orders to be placed telephonically at 083 234 2202 or via e-mail: info@perfumepower.co.za


Need Perfume Advice?

The world of perfume can be incredibly overwhelming. Considering the number of new perfume releases every year, accurate buying decisions have become more difficult. Many of our clients struggle to identify which perfumes, waxes or concentrated oils would best suite them. We do our best to provide you with accurate and professional advice. When shopping for a loved one, we can assist by guiding you in the right direction. There are many myths about perfume, inaccurate application techniques and generally a lack of knowledge.

We would love to assist you with any burning perfume questions that you may have. Contact us on info@perfumepower.co.za.

Interested in Wholesale Opportunities?

Perfume Power does consider wholesale relationships with some of our products. If you are interested in any of our range please contact us on info@perfumepower.co.za. These relationships need to be mutually beneficial, professional and handled with integrity. Maintaining the brand of various products is of key importance to our success and selection criteria.

What will happen when I click Proceed to PayGate?

By clicking the maroon “Proceed to Paygate” icon at the bottom right side of the page, you will momentarily be re-directed to the safe and secure PayGate Payment Page. Payments can be made via Visa and MasterCard, Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal and MasterPass. We accept all 3D secure registered Visa and MasterCard credit cards. See Frequently asked Question: What is 3D Secure and how do I register my card?

After making payment you will be re-directed back to Perfume Power’s Shopping Cart. Perfume Power will process your order, after which the courier tracking number will  be e-mailed to you.


How does Perfume Power’s gift vouchers work?

Personalize your Gift Voucher for a Special Occasion!

Our gift vouchers come in the following categories:

  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Happy Valentines
  • Happy Mother’s Day
  • Happy Father’s Day
  • Merry Christmas
  • Congratulations
  • I Love You
  • Thank You
  • Standard Default Template with ‘Gift Voucher’ Wording


Steps to take when Buying a Gift Voucher: Features and Benefits

  • Denominations of R 150, R 200, R 500 and R 800 can be selected. If you would like to insert your own amount you are able to do so
  • Select the Style of your Gift Voucher. Either select the reflecting Default Voucher or click on Choose a Design. The above mentioned categories will be showing in e-mail or print friendly versions. Feel free to explore the various styles before your final choice
  • The e-mail version generally goes to the receiver and the print version to the gift bearer. After which the printed version can be popped into an envelope
  • For convenience the e-mail version date can be postponed to a future date
  • For the e-mail version a personal message can be written
  • For print versions the gift bearer needs to insert (write in) the Coupon Code issued, To and From
  • E-mail and print version Gift Vouchers are redeemed by applying the coupon code issued at Cart or Checkout, reading “Have a Gift Voucher. Click Here to Enter Your Code.


Terms and Conditions of Gift Vouchers

  • All gift vouchers are valid for one (1) year
  • Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash

What is 3D Secure and how do I register my card?

3D Secure is a technical standard created by Visa and MasterCard to further secure CNP (Cardholder Not Present) transaction over the internet. MasterCard brand their system as “MasterCard SecureCode” and Visa call theirs “Verified by Visa”. When paying through PayGate you may be requested to register your card if you have not already done so. Please note this is for your security.

3D Secure payment security creates what is called a ‘trust chain’ throughout the transaction. When an e-commerce transaction occurs on a 3D secure website and the cardholder is paying using a credit card enrolled in 3D secure either the MasterCard or Visa pop up or online security screens appear. The user is then asked to enter their pass phrase (which can be a combination of letters or numbers) which is known only to them. MasterCard or Visa then returns the user to the e-commerce website after authentication.

Below are the links for the various major banks in South Africa and how to register your card for each bank:

Standard Bank https://acssb.bankserv.co.za/Activation?filD=3
Investec – Investec Cardholders 3D help desk: 011 286 9663 (can only be done telephonically)

For International credit cards please approach your bank directly.

How long will my delivery take?

South Africa

For Cape Town and surrounds based deliveries your parcel will take approximately 24 hours.
For Gauteng based deliveries your parcel will take approximately 48 hours.
For Durban based deliveries your parcel will take approximately 72 hours.

In the event a parcel needs to be delivered quicker than the above times this can be organized by special arrangement. Request a quote at info@perfumepower.co.za


International orders will take approximately between 6-10 working days

In the event an express door to door delivery is required for international parcels this can be organized by special arrangement. Request a quote at info@perfumepower.co.za





What does the delivery cost?

South Africa

Perfume Power offers free shipping anywhere in South Africa to your door step. This can be your home or office. Some remote areas are not serviced by a door to door facility. In the event this is the case you will be notified and a counter to counter delivery will be activated through The South African Postal Services.


Items ordered outside South Africa will be charged a shipping rate of R 180 (South African Rand) or R90 (South African Rand) per product purchased. The shipping rate is calculated based on the below product categories:

R 180 – Eau de Parfums, Concentrated Perfume Oils (excluding Terranova Concentrated Perfume Essence Terranova Roller Ball Perfume Essence and Trilogy Perfume Oil), Vintage Perfume Bottles, Scented Cosmetics

R 90 – Fragrance Jewelry, Perfume Waxes, Perfume Atomizers, Perfume Kits, Clothing and Accessories, Perfume Printed Stationary, Concentrated Perfume Oil (only Terranova Concentrated Perfume Essence, Terranova Roller Ball Perfume Essence and Trilogy Perfume Oil)

Perfume Power registers the parcel, with a counter to counter tracking number to ensure safe delivery of your parcel. International Customs Regulations vary from country to country. Perfume Power will not be responsible for any additional customs duty or taxes that may be incurred in your home country. Please enquire with your local customs office for local rates.

What times will the deliveries take place?

Deliveries will take place from Mondays to Fridays between 08:00 and 17:00.  Deliveries can be done on Saturdays by special arrangement. Deliveries are not done on Public Holidays.

How do I track my Delivery?

On receipt of your order and confirmation of payment your order will be fetched by our courier service. After which you will be e-mailed a tracking number.

All road freight deliveries can easily be tracked through Dawn Wing Couriers

In the event your parcel is delivered through the South African Postal Services your parcel can be tracked by linking here


How do I change my delivery address?

In the event you need to change any of your addresses, click on ‘My Account’ on the top right corner. Next to the address you wish to change click on edit.

How do I check out?

Simply click on the Maroon Cart on the top right hand side of the page, and follow these steps: Step 1: Review the items in your Shopping Cart, click on the maroon ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button. Step 2: Now enter your shipping details as requested. In the event you have already Created an Account you will be asked if you are a returning customer. If you are insert your login details. Step 3: Click on ‘Pay Now’, this will then take you to the PayGate payment page where you will enter your payment details to make the final payment. An receipt will be emailed to you,  which includes all the products you ordered.

Which payment types are accepted?

Secure and safe payments can be made via PayGates Payment Page. Visa, MasterCard PayPal and MasterPass payments are accepted. We also can accept Direct Bank Transfers for South African customers and SnapScan cellphone payments.



How do I know my order has gone through?

After the final step in the payment process you will receive an e-mail with your order confirmation which contains an Order Number (this is the reference you should use in any correspondence with us).  You can also go into ‘My Account’ and view the ‘View Order’ section, here you should see any orders that have been placed as well as the status of the order.


What happens if my payment fails?

Occasionally banks will reject credit card payments made through our website. This is usually due to incorrect information being submitted or insufficient funds being available, but can also be due to technical or other failures within the banking system.

The most common rejection will be for cards that are not registered for 3D secure. Read the question ‘What is 3D secure and how do I register my card’?.

When a transaction fails, a reason  is given, which will indicate why the transaction failed. Please take note of this reason when contacting us for assistance on info@perfumepower.co.za



How do I get a receipt?

Once you have submitted your order you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Your delivery will also be accompanied by an invoice.


Are prices at workshops and exhibitions the same as online?

Online shopping prices are generally the same at workshops and exhibitions. Exceptions may occur where a special offer has been negotiated with a client or service provider.

Who can sign for deliveries?

Your order must be signed for by yourself or a nominated representative. For Verification purposes, the person accepting the delivery at the delivery address may be required to produce a form of identification.


What happens if I am not in when my delivery is made?

In the event that no one is available to accept and sign for your delivery order, the delivery driver will keep the products and will leave a notice at the delivery address to this effect. The delivery service will attempt to contact you in order to arrange an alternate delivery time. Our goal is to try and accommodate our clients schedules as best as we can. However if there are repeated attempts to deliver your parcel, you may be liable for a redelivery fee. Please consult our Terms and Conditions.


What if my delivery is late?

We try to ensure that every delivery is made on time, but delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. We will endeavor to communicate any delays to you as soon as possible and agree the best course of action to get your order to you. Please consult our Terms and Conditions.


How do I cancel my order?

If for any reason you would like to cancel an order you may contact us at info@perfumepower.co.za . While any cancellation of orders will be accepted at our sole and absolute discretion and we provide no warranty that any cancellation of any order will be accepted, any cancellation which we do accept will only be accepted in the event that you notify us of your intention to cancel prior to dispatch of the order in question.


What if I have forgotten my password or need to change it?

Click on ‘My Account’ and then select ‘Change Password’. This link is on the right hand side as well as in the welcome message to you on this page. Provide us with your your new password. If you have lost your password click on ‘Lost Password’ on the right hand column. You will be asked for your user name or e-mail address. You will then click on ‘reset password’.