Choose a Perfume Workshop for Special Events

Perfume Power’s passion and goal is to entertain and educate corporate and private groups about the exciting world of perfume.

Corporate Events: Team Building, Award Ceremonies, Women’s Month, Secretaries Day, Wellness Month, Year End Conferences, Employee and Client Appreciation
Private Events: Kitchen Teas, Birthday Celebrations, Perfume Addicts

At all our events we exhibit and sell a range of beautiful perfumes and accessories. Great care has been taken in sourcing unique, high quality and affordable products from all over the world for your enjoyment. Perfume testing and handouts are included at all events. There are gorgeous take homes included as part of all the workshop options.

We have designed three options for you to choose from!

Option 1

Theme: Various Popular Perfume Topics. The presentation is light hearted, fun and interactive! Read more.

Option 2

Theme: Creating your own Signature Scent. Read more.

Option 3

Theme: A broad and powerful overview of the World of Fragrance. Read more.

Service 2 – Become an Independent Perfume Consultant

Perfume Power strives to establish relationships with businesses and individuals that are interested in selling an international award winning perfume range. Our perfume range boasts exceptional quality and beautiful bottles and packaging.

Ideal for businesses such as boutiques, hair salons, beauty spas and hotels that wish to offer a value add to their clients, compliment their services or products and increase their and their employees’ income. Perfect for individuals that are unemployed, stay at home moms or if you are looking for something new and exciting to do.

To ensure your success we offer free product and sales training. You have various packages that you can choose from, suiting your circumstances and budget.

For more details and a coffee conversation enquire at

Service 3 – Interested in Hosting a Perfume Party?

Do you and your social network love perfume and enjoy exploring the world of fragrance?

This is an opportunity for you to invite your friends and family to a morning, afternoon or evening of testing and purchasing various perfumes, concentrated perfumes oils, perfume waxes and beautiful accessories. Our Perfume Parties facilitate buying gifts for Christmas and any other special event.

As an organizer and host of our Perfume Party, you will receive a percentage of sales as a reward for all your hard work and effort.

If this interests you please enquire at