Interested in Hosting a Perfume Party?

Do you and your social network love perfume and enjoy exploring the world of fragrance? Do you do anything special for your customers over and above the odd product promotion?

This is an opportunity for you to invite your friends, family, employees or clients to a morning, afternoon or evening of exploring and discovering an exclusive range of original perfumes, concentrated perfumes oils, perfume waxes and beautiful fragrance related accessories.

Practical tips on being ‘scent smart’ will be  shared including learning how to adorn yourself with perfume; enhancing it’s staying power on your skin; and storing tips to ensure longevity of your perfume; all with a view to enjoying your perfume to the full.

Why celebrate with perfume? Well documented research has shown that perfume has had a direct and positive impact on mood enhancement, increased confidence and general well being!

For perfume to be properly chosen and appreciated one needs time and this is what our perfume party’s offer. There is no pressure or rush but rather a sense of adornment and relaxation is experienced. Each perfume has a full description of fragrance notes to help our clients make informed decisions!

Our Perfume Parties facilitate buying gifts for Christmas, milestone birthdays, bridal showers and any other special event. It’s a fantastic way for friends, employees and clients to spoil, indulge and share in a great experience.

We do offer gift vouchers and have a credit card facility for your guests’ convenience.

If this interests you please enquire at